Extended falls to humanity (2019)

A performance for and with the participation of citizens - and their townhalls

Extended Falls to Humanity focuses on citizens, their bodies and their town halls.

A town hall is a place of politics. It is also a place where people gather.
As a site-specific piece moving from town hall to town hall, from city to city, and including in each place a flock of local bodies Extended Falls to Humanity will also map out the social structures and people contributing to each city – and to the town hall.

In Extended Falls to Humanity the downfall, and the hovering moment, where something is at stake will be the choreographic material. The fall as a action that reveals the human individual as a body - as a naked life.

Like the choreography the music and the scenography will be created specifically for each location. Using microphones and thermographic live recordings the flock of moving bodies will be the source for the music and the visual material.

Through choreography, music and visuals Extended Falls to Humanity will present imprints, footprints and bodyprints of citizens. A work about life concentrated in the exposed body.

The team behind Extended Falls to Humanity:

Dance artists:
Emilie Gregersen
Marlene Bonnesen
Hilde I Sandvold
Karin Bergman
Light designer: Andreas Buhl
Composer: Lars Greve
Choreographer: Tina Tarpgaard
Producer: Carlos Calvo
Production manager: Dorte Wium
Communication and PR: Ida Fredericia
Project coordinator: Lone Nyhus

First presentation will be April 2019 in Ringkøbing (Denmark)

Supported by: Danish Arts Council, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Oticon Fonden, Dansk Komponist Forening/KODA, Augustinus Fonden and SNYK

Part of the Membrane Project

Photo: Søren Meisner - http://rfnt.dk/