Extended Falls to Humanity

A performance for and with the participation of citizens – and their town hall

Extended Falls to Humanity is a choreographed performance that engages the citizen and takes place at several of the country’s local town halls.

The performance puts the citizen in focus and tells the story of the things that divide us into boxes and the things that join us together as people.

recoil performance group will, in advance of the performance, visit the town hall and the citizens of the town. Based on the citizen’s own stories, recoil will then create an entirely new experience of the local town hall. Four dancers will, together with recoil’s ground-breaking video and audio technology, perform a choreographic visual and musical mapping of the surrounding community. A performance, adapted to the individual town hall’s architecture, where the dancers, the local community and even the spectator's own bodies will all become an important piece of the performance.

Extended Falls to Humanity is about people - and about being human in the community where the performance takes place, providing you with a physical, visual and musical rediscovery of the local community and the local town hall. A performance, where the citizens are not merely spectators, but also contributors to it. We’ll end the night with a silent disco.

Extended Falls to Humanity is the third and final part of The Membrane Project; as I collapse (2017), Mass-bloom explorations (2018) - a series of works that challenge our notions about people and being human.

Ringkøbing-Skjern Townhall, april 1st- 3rd from 18.00-22.00 (entrance booking every half hour until 20.30) Buy Tickets here

Elsinore Townhall, May 18th – 19th (times TBA)
Copenhagen Townhall, May 28th – 29th (times TBA)

The team behind Extended Falls to Humanity:

Dance artists:
Emilie Gregersen, Marlene Bonnesen, Hilde I Sandvold, Karin Bergman
Light designer: Andreas Buhl
Composer: Lars Greve
Choreographer: Tina Tarpgaard
Producer: Carlos Calvo
Production manager: Dorte Wium
Communication and PR: Ida Fredericia
Project coordinator: Lone Nyhus

Supported by: Danish Arts Council, Bikuben Fonden, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Oticon Fonden, Dansk Komponist Forening/KODA, Augustinus Fonden and SNYK

The performance will also take place at Ringkøbing April 2019 and Elsinore May 2019 during Click Festival.

recoil performance group is an award winning dance company, that seeks the meeting between the human and the non-human – ranging from living organisms to software generated virtual rooms; from digital trompe l’oeil projections and optical illusion to more analogue and sensory rooms created using light, sound and bodies in motion.

Part of the Membrane Project

Photo: Søren Meisner - http://rfnt.dk/