MASS – bloom explorations

MASS – bloom explorations is a choreographic installation that runs over eight hours, during which the audience is free to visit.

A new work by the twice Reumert awarded choreographer Tina Tarpgaard. Here the audience gets in touch with the decay; the things that we prefer to get rid of, nail clippings, lost hair, skin – the dead. The point of origin is literally a dancer and a scenography in biological moldering. The performance namely features a rot fungus, the undisputed hero of the performance, and an organism with the particular ability of turning over even plastic to soil. In a transparent universe of plastic lives Hilde the dancer, the fungus, and the approximately 300 plants it takes to produces oxygen enough for a human adult. The vulnerable balancing act and the symbiosis between plants and human is the central point of this work, offering a speculative point of view on our relationship with our self and others. An invitation to a personal, visually experience of a woman’s survival strategies and her speculative symbiosis with a form of life, that potentially has better prospects than herself.

MASS – bloom explorations is the second part of The Membrane Project; as I collapse (2017), Extended falls to humanity (2019) – a series of work seeking to challenge our understanding of the human and the humane.

Choreographer: Tina Tarpgaard
Performer: Hilde I. Sandvold
Bio-artist & researcher: Pei-Ying Lin
Writer: Ida Marie Hede
Producer: Carlos Calvo
PR: Betina Rex

Supportet by: The Danish Arts foundation, Wilhem Hansen Fonden, Augustinus Fonden

Partners: Ottawa Dance Directive

Part of the Membrane Project

Photo: Søren Meisner -