Awarded best dance performance, Danish Performing Arts Awards, 2010 (Reumert Awards)

Frost is a story of movements which is developed and manipulated by the dancers themselves - moments of meeting compounded by sharply defined and organically vibrant graphics.

The performance is framed by a video scenography consisting of movement sensitive graphics. The combination of choreographic material and delicately "choreographed" video scenography is the core of this performance, where the warm intensity of the body contrasts with the frozen imprints it leaves behind.

5 stars out of 6:
“….. eminent, exemplary, imaginative, poetic, humorous, enchantingly beautiful, showing Tarpgaard’s unique talent for meaningful reconciliation between dance and interactive technology.” Vibeke Wern, Berlingske Tidende, 26th October 2009

4 stars out of 6:
“The choreographer Tina Tapgaard fuses steps, music, light and computer graphics more originally imaginative and fascinating than we have seen until now.” Henrik Lyding, Jyllands Posten, 26th October 2009

5 stars out of 6:
“Tarpgaards technology is a mystery which puts us on the edge of our seats and captures our fantasy.” Aline Storm, Boersen, 27th October 2009

“The dance performance ‘FROST’ is a transformation of the most beautiful.” Anne Middelboe Christensen, Information, November 6th 2009

Dancers: Luca Marazia, Nelson Rodriques-Smith, Stina Mårtensson, Anna Sendas, Minna Berglund, Csongor Szabó
Choreographer: Tina Tarpgaard
Software Artist: Ole Kristensen ( and Jonas Jongejan (
Composer: Jens Hørsving
Light Design: Andreas Buhl
Performance programming: Søren Knud
Costume design: Charlotte Østergaard

Commissioned and produced by Danish Dance Theatre
Photo: Nelson R R Smith

5 min Trailer

Watch the full performance here: