• Extended falls to humanity (2019)

    Extended Falls to Humanity focuses on citizens, their bodies and their town halls.

    A town hall is a place of politics. It is also a place where people gather.
    As a site-specific piece moving from town hall to town hall, from city to city, and including in each place a flock of local bodies Extended Falls to Humanity will also map out the social structures and people contributing to each city – and to the town hall.

  • MASS – bloom explorations

    "Incredible, how much there is at stake in the minimalistic simple installation, coolly handled by Tina Tarpgaard, who, as one of the few performing artists in Denmark, has started working with bio art."
    - Monna Dithmer, Politiken

    A dancer and a scenography in the process of biological moldering in a durational performance installation. Here the audiences get in touch with the decay, the decomposition and the dead.

  • as I collapse

    ”The five international dancers twist and wind impressively organic and persuasively in their glistening wet hooded suits (...) her (Tina Tarpgaard edt.) luminescent algae dance is wondrous"
    Anne Middelboe – Information 31.03.2017

    ”An incredible beautiful and thought provoking performance"
    Sóley Freyja Eiríksdóttir, den4væ

    "When the light went back on after an hour or so, I felt as if I have been witnessing the birth of a new and wondrous world.” Karina Dahl,

  • LIVE

    LIVE - the boundless body # 2 was presented at the Click festival 2016 at Culture Yard in Helsingør, Denmark.

    The performance is a participatory choreography for Bacterias and Humans. It is also a performance that runs over a period of one month. Please see the full documentation of this performance here

    LIVE - the boundless body # 1

    21st & 22nd November 2015 at Laboratoriescenen, Dansehallerne
    Duration: 70 min.
    LIVE is for an English speaking audience

    An open laboratory
    initiated by recoil performance group

  • X-Mythologies

    Gennem årtier har Anisette Koppel inspireret, rørt og begejstret med den passion som kommer så skarpt til udtryk gennem hendes stemme.

    I forestillingen X-mythologies har komponisterne Lars Greve og Aske Zidore ladet sig inspirere af hendes lyd og med udgangpunkt i helt nye optagelser af Anisette Koppels stemme skabt ti enkeltstående værker der hver især rummer en historie udtrykt gennem vokalens mange farver.


    STEREO is a powerful disruption of the senses presented by award winning recoil performance group. A graphic universe in 3D and an intense duet between man and woman, between reality and illusion. With STEREO recoil performance group adds a new dimension to their frontiering video scenographies: Thus, the space around the dancers' bodies collapses and expands indefinitely; it curls up or slips off the stage tempting the audience to reach out.

    recoil performance group hands out 3D glasses and welcomes the audience to a whole new chapter in the performing arts’ use of illusions.


    PRESS quotes:

    “It is rare that one can do as so many dream of: to renew yourself. But it succeeds to a surprising degree for choreographer Tina Tarpgaard.” ♥♥♥♥♥ Monna Dithmer, Politiken

    “Tina Tarpgaard succeeds with her clear idea in On/Volt to create a unique visual and movement universe, where the audience comes up close to the body’s powerful release of energy and hidden potential.” ★★★★ Vibeke Wern, Berlingske

  • STEREO_ pilot project

    The initial research took place in Culture Yard Elsinore at the Click festival 2013. In JAnuary 2014 the project was developed further during a residency at 3LD Art and Technology Center in NYC.
    In may 2014 the Click Festival hosted recoil performance group to create an installation based on the STEREO concept.

    Video excerpts from STEREO (in 2D)


    TØRST is the danish word for thirst.
    The title itself provokes an almost physical sensation – a bodily urge fueled by an essential need.
    TØRST is a powerful duet for two male dancers, a duet on human drive and survival. Two bodies in a place where strategic thinking has ceased and instinct has taken over - a place between vulnerable intimacy and untamed forces.

  • ...and it ends TWICE

    recoil performance group presents…and it ends TWICE - a double performance with two choreographies, one by reward winning Tina Tarpgaard and one by debutant Nelson Rodriguez-Smith.

    Tina Tarpgaard presents the performance TØRST. The title it self provokes an almost physical sensation – a bodily urge fueled by an essential need.


    LIVING ROOM is a performance about hierarchies. Open source, 2.0 and other non-hierarchical structures are buzzwords in the 21st century – and yet, we all subject ourselves to a long line of ancient hierarchies. The world’s oldest is that between man and shadow – a hierarchy of nature that it is impossible to disobey… Or is it?

    Confronting the human body and a motion sensitive scenography, LIVING ROOM put a physical expression on what it means to take control or subject, and questions who is the puppet and who is the puppeteer – who controls whom?

  • Malpais

    Malpais is a search to understand the anatomy of fear, in society as well as for the individual in different cultures.
    Through documentary style video and a physical research on the anatomy of fear, the performance combines reality, satire and fiction to address one of the most used power tools in history: Our fear.

  • Fuck You Buddy

    The fusion of “game theory” (a mathematical attempt to pre­dict human behaviour) and the dramaturgical development in computer games in the last decade, is the conceptual and visual frame of this performance for 4 dancers and an interacting video scenography.

    With graphics and choreogra­phy inspired by the totalitarian collectivism in games like “Lem­ming’s” to the anarchistic indi­vidualism in “GTA”, “Fuck you Buddy” is a performance for the sake of the game, a game about winning at any cost and about being born inherently selfish.....or?

  • Frost

    The performance is framed by a video scenography consisting of movement sensitive graphics. The combination of choreographic material and delicately "choreographed" video scenography is the core of this performance, where the warm intensity of the body contrasts with the frozen imprints it leaves behind.

    5 stars out of 6:
    “….. eminent, exemplary, imaginative, poetic, humorous, enchantingly beautiful, showing Tarpgaard’s unique talent for meaningful reconciliation between dance and interactive technology.” Vibeke Wern, Berlingske Tidende, 26th October 2009

    4 stars out of 6:

  • TimeMap #3

    In this time displaced universe 3 socially stigmatized people meet.
    Ottilia 1886, Rose 2008, Keem 2258 - each of them seeking to find justice. Being placed in past, present and future their stories are portrayed visually, physically and dramatically.

    Timemap#3 premiered April 16th as the opening perform­ance in Dansehallerne, Copen­hagen, Denmark.

    Choreographer: Tina Tarpgaard
    Dramatist: Gritt Uldall-Jessen
    Dancers: Anna Pehrson, Laura Lohi, Kasper Ravnhøj
    Media artist: Ole Kristensen
    Sound: Pelle Skovmand

  • Body Navigation

    Two dancers and their digital reproduction is the scenograph­ic frame of this humorous and emotional portrait of human re­lations.
    Based on rules and structured in a game like manner, the per­formance makes way for a play­ful dialog between man, woman and the digital “footprints” they leave behind.

    Body Navigation was produced by Danish Dance Theatre and premiered as a part of the per­formance “labyrinth” May 21st 2008 at K2 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Choreography: Tina Tarpgaard
    Video Design: Ole Kristensen and Jonas Jongejan

  • Below Red

    Below Red is a dynamic dance trio, physical to a point of exhaustion. By capturing extreme physicality through digital video sensors, it explores the human fascination and fatigue surrounding the overwhelming pace by which technology can process, manipulate and control information about us.

    Below red is also a reference to Infrared, an invisible light that is used in the performance. A light that is also used in survailiance cameras to make them able to see in darkness.

  • Grenzstadt

    Since 2003 recoil has experimented with artist collaborations across genre and borders. Amongst other projects we have developed the concept GRENZSTADT, which is a trans national artist collaboration via the Internet. We named our project GRENZSTADT (Border Town) as it aims to search and dilute the concept of borders.

  • Cognitive Debris

    cognitive debris revolves around real-time image manipulation and electronic sound interacting with the dynamic physical expression of dance. By sampling and reproducing live video, the installation challenges our experience of the present in a visual language inspired by the fragmented nature of dreams.

    ”Crick and Mitchison (1983) believe that the brain’s neural memory systems are easily overloaded and that REM eliminates cognitive debris”

    Barbara Lusk, Professor in psychology

  • FaceTwoFace

    Physical space is exploited within a revolving perspective where dance, video, text and sound fuse. An Ego flirts with the Other only to ultimately reemerge in a final synthetic act of reconstructed affirmation.

  • Horizontal Vertigo

    Horizontal Vertigo explores the body’s senses via digital transformations—where movement becomes picture and sound.
    The dancer’s body directs sound and images, melting together into a viscous atmosphere, while the rules of gravity are turned upside down. The vertical axis of the wall is the dancer’s true element. As she approaches the floor’s horizontal axis, she is confronted with a new world of different physical laws. The transformation is plainly visualized by the right angle between floor and wall.