Below Red

body – technology – velocity

Below Red is a dynamic dance trio, physical to a point of exhaustion. By capturing extreme physicality through digital video sensors, it explores the human fascination and fatigue surrounding the overwhelming pace by which technology can process, manipulate and control information about us.

Below red is also a reference to Infrared, an invisible light that is used in the performance. A light that is also used in survailiance cameras to make them able to see in darkness.

The Press wrote

“Tina Tarpgaard is one of the most progressive choreographers here in Denmark when it comes to dance and interesting use of interactive technology. And in ‘Below Red’ she once again manages to unite dance and technology in an intellegent manner, so it gives both form and meaning while presenting new perspectives within the unvierse of dance.” – Vibeke Wern in Berlingske, 11 march 2008

“Tina Tarpgaard dazzled with Below Red in Dansescenes recuring choreographic platform Short Stories.” – Mette Garfield,, 17 march 2008

Recoil is very grateful for the support provided by: The Danish Arts Counsil, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond af 1968 and Augustinus fonden.