Horizontal Vertigo

a solo performance challenging gravity

Horizontal Vertigo explores the body’s senses via digital transformations—where movement becomes picture and sound.
The dancer’s body directs sound and images, melting together into a viscous atmosphere, while the rules of gravity are turned upside down. The vertical axis of the wall is the dancer’s true element. As she approaches the floor’s horizontal axis, she is confronted with a new world of different physical laws. The transformation is plainly visualized by the right angle between floor and wall.

The dancer communicates through movements captured by a video sensor. The picture is manipulated by the computer and transformed into graphic video projections wherein only movements create images. Stillness remains white. In the same manner, the dancer creates sound according to the intensity of the movement.
Horizontal Vertigo constructs a circuit of communication between human, sensor and machine, and creates a performance which strives to bind the sensory and digital worlds.

Choreographer and dancer: Tina Tarpgaard
Composer and technician: Pelle Skovmand

created for Half Machine 2003