Playing spring 2021


A civic engaging piece about the relationship between humans and landscapes

HØST (HARVEST) is a civic-engaging performance that deals with the relationship between rural landscapes and the human beings, who inhabits them.

The performance is produced in collaboration with two Danish villages from the western part of Denmark, and is created by a number of artists with a personal relationship with this part of the country.

The performance deals with the themes of physical labor, social structures, agriculture and the political ideologies that shape the landscapes which surrounds us. The focus is on the bodies’ physical tillage of the soil and the intentional as well as the unintentional ecosystems, that develop in connection with the cultivation of the soil.

Recoil involves local citizens as co-creators of the piece, by for example helping recoil grow the crops that are used as scenography on stage. Through conversations with the citizens we will explore the different rituals and celebrations that exist around the harvest and how it is influenced by concepts of fertility, sustainability and ecology.

It is a highly unusual piece, where you will experience a performative interpretation of the harvest of living crops on stage.


The performance is set to premiere in the spring på 2021

Choreographer: Tina Tarpgaard

Dancer: Hilde Sandvold among others

Musician: Lars Greve

Photographer: Fryd Frydendahl

Light designer: Andreas Buhl

Icon Photographer: Søren Meisner

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, The William Demant Foundation, The Wilhelm Hansen Foundation, The Augustinus Foundation and the municipality of Copenhagen.