A performance about the working body in agriculture and dance

"A strong dance piece" Anne Middelbo, Information // "Two amazing and musically very different dancers" Mette Garfild, Bastard Blog

HARVEST (HØST in its original version)  is a co-production with Rooms of Ressonance. A dance-performance that explores the working body across sectors, namely agriculture and dance.

How do we humans shape and cultivate nature and how does that process cultivate and shape a human body? What is it to cultivate a body?

In HARVEST, two performers from different traditions: a contemporary dancer and a neo-flamenco dancer personify these questions in a scenography that incorporates soil and living crops on the stage.

This forms a framework that juxtaposes the dancing trade and the farming trade with the working body and the different trajectories and experiences of their professionals as the bridging point.

HARVEST was developed through a civic-engagement process in Stadil-Vedersø in Denmark, where choreographer Tina Tarpgaard’s family is original from. Through a series of encounters with farmers and other citizens, the process to create HARVEST has explored knowledge and movements associated with farming and juxtaposed it directly to the craft and labour of being a dancer. Photographer Fryd Frydendahl has been following this proces, and have photographed encounters and landscapes, which can be seen in her photo-publication available at the performance.

The sound is composed by Lars Greve and the special-ensemble Resonerende Rum and is based on field recordings in Stadil-Vedersø. In the performance the stage is transformed into a large speaker by making the floor reverberate, setting the scenography and the dancers in motion.

Performance dates:
Premiere in Stadil-Vedersø 18. – 19. May, Landsbylaboratoriet, Holstebro 21. May  Sjælør Kirke, Cph SV, during CPH Stage 26. May – 5. June 2021. Teater Momentum August 7.- 8. 2021. April 7. 2023 Sismògraf Festival (Spain), Aug. 4-19 ZOO Venues, UK (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

Choreographer: Tina Tarpgaard

Co-creating dance artists: Hilde I. Sandvold and Jossette Reilly

Composer, sound design and production: Lars Greve

Sound production: Jakob Høyer

Light designer: Andreas Buhl

Sound engineer: Mikkel Larsen

Costume designer: Inbal Lieblich

Art photographer: Fryd Frydendahl

Producer: Carlos Calvo

Intern: Yeong-Ryan Suh

Icon Photographer: Søren Meisner

HARVEST is produced by recoil performance group with sound design by Resonerende Rum.

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, Bikubenfonden, William Demant Foundation, Wilhelm Hansen Foundation, Augustinus Foundation and the Municipality of Copenhagen.