recoil is a Copenhagen based performance group, led by choreographer Tina Tarpgaard and working with choreography and cross aesthetic performances.

'The direct interaction between the dancer and the scenographic elements in which the choreography exists, has been a consistent interest in the works by recoil. Our interest is to create choreographic work that includes all elements present on stage, regardless of its presumed function’

Tina Tarpgaard

recoil performance group

recoil is a Copenhagen-based performance group, founded in 2005 and led by choreographer Tina Tarpgaard. The group works with choreography and performances that cut across established aesthetic categories. Kinaesthetic interaction with the scenographic elements in which the choreography it set, has been a consistent focus of Tarpgaard’s work. In her early performances, this took the form of digital trompe-l’oeil projections, while later efforts have focused more sensorial, analogue universes where light and sound becomes concrete elements in motion.


Tina Tarpgaards work was awarded the National Danish Performing art Award (REUMERT) for Dance Performance of The Year for FROST (2010) and LIVING ROOM (2012) and was nominated in the same category with ON/VOLT (2014) and X-MYTHOLOGY (2018).