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Act of gravity

An extraordinary dance performance in the intersection between art and science

Act of Gravity is an extraordinary dance performance that strides the line between art and science. A performance about the most observable force in the universe: gravity. Gravity pulls us towards the ground when we fall, it pulls on our loose skin, it attracts objects and sets the planets into orbit. It opens our mind to big ideas about quantic mechanics, the theory of relativity and alternate universes. Who are we while we eternally falling while the laws of physics constantly push and pull us while setting everything into motion?

With the help of trampolines, expressive light design, music, dance and a close collaboration with scientists from fx. The Niels Bohr Institute, University of Amsterdam and KU Leuven as well as Science and Cocktails, Act of Gravity is truly an informative and sensory experience.

After selected performances, we will invite the audience for an inspirational and informative lecture by renowned scientists, who will speak about he the idea and science behind every performance.


Choreography: Tina Tarpgaard

Science Consultant: Jácome Armas

Collaborators: Science and Cocktails

Software artist: Ole Kristensen 

Light designer: Andreas Buhl

Music: Matthias Friis-Hansen

Producer: Carlos Calvo

Supported by the Danish Arts Council and The Novo Nordisk Foundation